Parking Policy

By - wsubeta
10.26.2018 09:18 PM

GDBA Adopts New Formal Parking Policy

On Wednesday, October 24, 2018 Gamma Delta Building Association's Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of adopting a formal policy prohibiting members, alumni and guests from parking vehicles and trailers on any areas of the chapter house lawn or perimeter sidewalks. The only area where vehicles are permitted is the parking lot located on the North side of the chapter house along Colorado Street. Please see below for the new policy:


The Gamma Delta Building Association has adopted a policy of no parking on any of the lawn areas at the chapter house for the following reasons:

1.) Damage to the down spout drain field at that (NW) corner of the house is expensive and causes leakage into the chapter room. 

2.) Damage to our underground sprinkler system and lawn, especially in wet weather, is expensive and very unattractive until Spring/Summer.

For questions or inquiries regarding this policy, please email