History of Conduct


This page provides information regarding the revised anti-hazing laws in House Bill 1751 (HB 1751), effective June 9, 2022.

In accordance with the Washington State requirement for fraternities and sororities, pertaining to the recent passage of Section 6, Chapter 28B.10, RCW, also known as Sam's Law, the following statement is made by the Gamma Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity:

“During the last five years (2019 to 2024), there have been no findings of violations of anti-hazing policies, state or federal laws relating to hazing, alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, physical assaults, or Washington State University's Code of Conduct, against the Gamma Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.”


Beta's mission is to develop men of principle for a principled life. Beta Theta Pi rejects hazing as a part of fraternity life and instead emphasizes an educational experience that is morally uplifting and intellectually stimulating.

For inquiries about conduct or to learn more about the unique culture of our local chapter at Washington State University, we invite you to connect with Gamma Theta's Chapter Counselor.

Anti-Hazing Hotline

Beta Theta Pi has joined 30 other fraternities and sororities in sponsoring the College Fraternity and Sorority Anti-Hazing Hotline (888.NOT.HAZE). The hotline provides a way for members across North American to report possible hazing incidents. Callers may remain anonymous or they can provide personal information so that their concerns can be responded to directly.

The hotline is housed in the offices of Manley Burke law offices in Cincinnati. Calls are received around the clock on a voice mail system that digitally records the call. The call is then forwarded via an e-mail audio clip to the Administrative Office together with the state hazing law that is applicable.

If you or any new member of your chapter is subjected to hazing please call the anti-hazing hotline at 888.NOT.HAZE immediately.