The History of Gamma Theta

Founded by eight intrepid men on August 8, 1839 at Miami University in Ohio, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity has been the home of men of principle for 180 years. Growing to 142 chapters and colonies across the United States and Canada, Beta Theta Pi has over 10,000 undergraduate members across its broad domain.

At Washington State College on January 17, 1912 a group of men - led by William Denver Love - formed a group called Lantuama Club. Within a year, the growing club successfully petitioned the college to become a local fraternity named Gamma Delta. The men of Gamma Delta bought a house and some land on Linden Street near the campus. After being delayed by the interruption of the Great War, the men of Gamma Delta successfully petitioned to become a chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. On January 17, 1920, the Gamma Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity was chartered in Pullman, Washington.

The current chapter house was completed in 1926 and is one of the most iconic properties on College Hill. Over the years, the chapter at WSU has thrived with more than 1,700 initiated members to date and over 1,100 living alumni. WSU Beta’s have been athletes, leaders, scholars, and good men, living up to their chapter motto: “The Heart of Good Men” 
Gamma Delta Fraternity at Washington State University

Chapter Historical Materials Wanted

If you have any chapter history (photos, posters, letters, mugs, stories, old chapter newsletters, memorabilia, etc.), please consider donating them to the chapter. Historical documents and photos in electronic form can be emailed to Hardcopy and other materials can be mailed to:

Chapter Historian

Beta Theta Pi 

820 NE Linden St

Pullman, WA  99163