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Beta Theta Pi Fraternity is seeking an energetic and detail-oriented individual, with proven leadership experience, to serve as our Live-In Advisor for the upcoming academic year.

Job Status: Now Accepting Applications

Application Deadline: TBD

Job Functions: Collegiate Advising, Greek Life, Leadership Coaching

Job Start Date: TBD

Job End Date: TBD

Job Posting Contact: Roger Aldrich

Interview Process:

  • Initial phone screening
  • Video conference interview with hiring team
  • Background and reference check


Beta Theta Pi Fraternity is recognized across the Greek community as a fraternal leader and regarded as “The Leadership Fraternity.” Gamma Theta is an award-winning chapter that has a rich history of cultivating campus leaders at Washington State University. Over the years, the chapter has thrived with more than 1,700 initiated members to date and over 1,000 living alumni. WSU Beta’s are athletes, leaders, scholars, and good men, living up to their chapter motto: “The Heart of Good Men”



Job Title: Live-In Advisor, Gamma Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi, Washington State University

Reports To: Gamma Delta Building Association Board of Directors

Direct Supervisor: Board President, GDBA

Secondary Supervisor: Chapter Counselor, Gamma Theta Advisory Team



The Chapter House Live-In Advisor (LIA) will have broad responsibilities that should be maintained as a condition of employment. These responsibilities are not exclusively limited to, but include the following:

  • Provide assistance in the general management of the Gamma Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and the chapter facility.
  • Work directly with chapter officers, members, pledges, chapter counselor, chapter advisors and Gamma Delta Building Association (GDBA) directors to assure adherence to all policies, rules and procedures.
  • Monitor and report to GDBA on the cleanliness and maintenance of the chapter facility.
  • Support the “Men of Principle” initiative and promote the development of individual leadership skills.
  • Become involved, and encourage involvement, in the university and local community.
  • Promote the development of academic excellence.




Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Bachelor's degree must be awarded from an accredited collegiate institution and earned either through an on-campus, online, or hybrid style program.
    • Applicant must either possess or obtain a bachelor's degree prior to the start of Washington State University's academic year or the job's official start date - whichever earlier.


Additional Requirements

  • Demonstrated history of leadership experience.
  • Demonstrated skill in program development, leadership training, advising and/or counseling.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated motivational skills and initiative with flexibility in application.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and teamwork approach.
  • Demonstrated qualities of good personal habits, professional appearance and performance as a role model.
  • Must be able to provide professional references upon request.


  • Experience as a consultant for a national fraternity.
  • Currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a graduate school program.



Become familiar with and demonstrate the ability to operationalize the following:

Gamma Delta Building Association

  • Housing Agreement and House Rules


Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Core Values
  • Risk Management Policy

Gamma Theta Chapter

  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Code of Conduct
  • Pledge Education Program
  • Scholarship Program


Washington State University

  • Student Handbook
  • Risk Management Manual
  • Chapter Advisor Resource Manual



The following set of responsibilities and expectations will be used to review the performance of the Live-In Advisor:

  • Individual must agree to live in the chapter house during the entire period of the contract: June 1 to May 31
  • A primary function of the LIA is to be the on-site eyes and ears of GDBA and the Gamma Theta Advisory Team.
  • Proactively monitor and report, to the appropriate GDBA board officers and chapter advisors, your observations and recommendations regarding, but not limited to, the following:
    • Chapter facility care and maintenance.
    • Chapter operations and activities.
    • Membership (live-in and live-out) behavior and adherence to the house and university rules and Code of Conduct.
  • Work closely with the chapter officers to support and promote consistent adherence to the Fraternity Mission, Vision and Core Values.
  • Regularly attend the following scheduled meetings:
    • All-House Meetings: Attend to ensure proper protocol is followed in a business-like manner and, upon request, communicate information as directed by GDBA directors and chapter counselor.
    • Chapter Meetings: Attend on a weekly basis to ensure proper protocol is followed in a business-like manner and, upon request, communicate information as directed by GDBA directors and chapter counselor. (NOTE: Attendance of closed chapter meetings only applies if the LIA is an initiated member of Beta Theta Pi)
    • Executive Board Meetings: Attend on a weekly basis to provide counsel, as needed or requested, based on personal insight gained through experience with a wide range of chapter issues, including meeting chapter goals.
    • Pledge Education Meetings: Attend on a weekly basis to ensure the program is properly followed, presented and remains in compliance with the Positive Pledge Education Assessment approved by the General Fraternity.
    • GDBA Meetings: Attend weekly GDBA video/conference calls to provide guidance and reports as requested.
    • Advisory Team Meetings: Attend routine Advisory Team video/conference calls to provide guidance and reports as requested.
  • Assist in maintaining an environment that supports and promotes successful academic performance as prescribed in the Gamma Theta scholarship program.
    • Work with the Executive Board and scholarship chairman to set conditions conductive to quiet study time and academic achievement.
    • Work with the Executive Board to ensure that students who are not succeeding follow remediation plans.
  • Volunteer and be available to assist in planning chapter events, solving difficult issues and providing individual counsel to members and pledges when needed or requested.
  • Work closely with the chapter house manager, GDBA board members and chapter advisors to ensure a clean, safe and healthy living environment is consistently maintained.
  • The first-floor bathroom and shower is strictly for the use of chapter guests. It is extremely important that the guest bathroom remain spotlessly clean and appropriately stocked with supplies at all times. The LIA is responsible for supervising the cleanliness of this bathroom, which also means enforcing the No Use By Active Members Policy.
  • Meet with the appropriate Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life (CFSL) representatives at least once per month to advocate our chapter contributions and adherence to university requirements and proactively follow university policy that impacts the chapter.
  • Assist in the development and evaluation of recruiting and orientation programs.
  • Encourage mutual respect, communication and cooperation between house members.
  • Work with GDBA Board of Directors to identify potential applicants to serve as the Live-In Advisor replacement.
    • Provide a list of potential applicants to GDBA by January 15.


Provide GDBA and the chapter counselor with the monthly comprehensive Live-In Advisory Assessment (LIAA), which addresses any issues related to the facility as well as chapter operations and activities. This report must provide extensive details and include a full disclosure of both positive and negative personal observations and/or reported behavior.


The primary objective of the LIAA format is to create a consistent, honest and dependable reporting and tracking system for specific chapter operations and facility needs or concerns.


The LIAA form must be submitted online to the GDBA president and chapter counselor by the 5th day of each month.



Financial compensation package will be determined based on the applicant’s qualifications and past experience.


  • Free room (rent)
  • Free board (meals)
  • Semi-furnished LIA suite - NEW!
  • Private in-suite bathroom - NEW!
  • High-Speed Wireless Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Assigned off-street parking spot
  • Free use of laundry facility
  • Access to kitchen and communal food supplies, as deemed appropriate by the chapter house manager
  • Invitation to attend select chapter functions and events held throughout the year
  • Networking opportunities with prominent alumni and university leaders
  • Holidays and vacation time in accordance with Washington State University's academic calendar.


The geographical location of Pullman magnifies the importance of the Live-In Advisor’s role at Gamma Theta. It must be clear, as the LIA you are an employee of, and responsible to Gamma Delta Building Association. Proactive daily involvement with the chapter is required, and a comprehensive and honest assessment of all activities is both essential to GDBA and a condition of your employment. While it is important to become a trusted council to the individual chapter officers, members and pledges, GDBA relies heavily on your timely reporting of concerning behavior and/or problems with facility. The LIA must strive to maintain a balance of trust within the house and provide timely, consistent and honest reporting to GDBA. Failure to report honestly and objectively will be grounds for termination of the agreement.


Protecting the health and safety of our employees, volunteers, members, pledges, and community is our highest priority. We are a COVID-19 proactive organization that makes every effort to create and maintain an environment that is safe for our student residents and reflects best practices.

Our leadership continues to closely monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility with any related changes to this job description.