Lost Brothers

Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to lifelong brotherhood. We've worked hard to keep up with all of the changes over the years, but there are still some Gamma Theta brothers we've lost contact with. If you have contact information for any of the following brothers, please complete the electronic form at the bottom of this page so we can get them back on our mailing list.

Looking to update your own contact information?


A "lost" alumnus is someone who is missing at least one piece of communication information, including phone number, email address, or primary mailing address. The two most common reasons for brothers being placed on this list includes inaccurate email or mailing addresses. Names are automatically placed on this list if we receive either bounced emails or returned mailings.

IMPORTANT: Every individual on our Lost Brothers list is - at minimum - missing an accurate mailing address.

If you feel that someone may have been added to this list in error, then please complete the form at the bottom of this page and notate your concern in the field that reads, "any other information you can share."


1936Harry L. Lewis1975Christopher J. Freshley1992Rob Junker
1942Harvey L. Fullerton Jr.1975Patrick J. Crowley1992Michael L. Webb
1942Edwin F. Knettle1975David E. Bridgeford1992Tyson K. Dickman
1942Byron W. Ellis1975Mark D. McCoy1992Scott Madson
1943Harvey F. Dingley Jr.1976James A. O'Neill1992Mark C. Atkins
1943John F. Downey1976Alan L. Gardner1993Eric J. Knowles
1945William F. Zimmerman1976Mark E. Keller1993Michael C. Shierk
1946Earl H. Crow Jr.1976Michael D. Wrzesien1993Jason Hair
1946Philip H. Schmidt1978Thomas H. Prediletto1994Marc N. Lindley
1948Lewis D. Lund1978Douglas M. Skagen1994Mason L. Mawer
1948Bonnar Blong1978Brian N. Henderson1994Andrew M. Horton
1949George C. Perkins1978Daniel A. Johnson1994Brent R. Parsons
1949Joseph M. Vassar1979Mark A. DiPietro1994Greg J. Reynolds
1949Leroy T. Desilet1979Mark J. Sargent1994Stephen A. Goforth
1950John H. Leahy1979Jorge P. Landa1994Gregory M. Shay
1950Richard J. Waters1979Charles A. Whitehead1994Brian J. Kenyon
1950Allen C. Lawson1979David L. Cade1994Kent H. Hauck
1950Robert C. Ellingsen1979John B. Mounsey1994Kevin Krembs
1950Harold W. Arthur1980Douglas M. Martel1994Chris P. Fahey
1950George W. Barber1980Gregory M. Anderson1994Thomas G. Marks-Ladd
1951Howard C. Wickstrom1981Peter R. Mounsey1994Justin N. Carlo
1951William E. Day1981Jeffrey W. Fisher1995Trent K. Hart
1952John C. Bigelow1981Randy C. Johannes1995Matthew R. Wallblom
1952Ronald J. Ellingsen1981Eric W. Nicholson1995Tyler Fotheringill
1954James D. Wolf1982Robert W. Stegner1996John M. Thompson Jr.
1954Don E. Martin1982William E. Jennings1996Noel S. Philip
1955Donald K. Davis1982Chad S. Bennett1996Patrick C. Smith
1955Russell P. Sorensen1983David K. Stachofsky1996Michael P. Hukle
1956Robert G. Taylor1983Michael D. Laws1996Ryan D. Blair
1956Russell L. Quackenbush1983Paul A. Weaver1997Sean M. Griswold
1959Phillip K. Mast1983Craig A. Brauff1997Erik S. Bailey
1959Gerald D. Pike1983Mike C. Armstrong1997Chaun D. Birks
1959Arthur J. Losee1984Scott S. Watson1998Darrin A. Tish
1959Mark S. Shuman1984Michael K. Johnson1998Charles F. Greulich
1959Robert D. Newman1984Robert M. Long1998John S. Kenny
1960E. Rodriguez Mellado1984Rory J. Fagan1998Robert C. McKay
1960Frederic B. Harkness1984Jeffery J. Castleberry1999Leif R. Clarke
1960Mohamad H. Kamaly1984John A. Noble1999Thomas T. Carlile
1960Scott B. Stovin1985James M. Pappas1999Robert B. Steen
1960Charles J. McGlade1985Kris G. Hallesy1999Shawn K. Osborne
1961John C. Eddy1985William S. Johnson1999Casey T. Kenyon
1962Harvey L. West1985Mark L. Baggerly2000Tyler D. Eikenberry
1962Robert E. Buchanan1986Russell C. Myers2001Michael R. Golson
1962Robert H. Burton1986Kirk R. Kelly2001Robert E. O'Brien
1963John D. Simchuk1987Daniel W. Agerup2002Yong C. Choo
1963Gerald L. Jackowski1988Patrick M. Adams2002Solve K. Stokkan
1963Thomas M. Buchanan, M.D.1988Dale P. Woodard2003Brian G. Baker
1964George C. Brain1988Kevin P. Casey2003Alan C. Aho
1964D. Michael Jones1988Joseph W. Witsoe III2003Matthew A. Pearce
1964Robert B. Hayes1988Kevin J. Ryan2003Nicholas A. Furnari
1965James W. Swinyard1988Dwight R. LaLone2003Matthew E. Brown
1965Gary G. Speerstra1988David B. Jensen2004Sean M. Robertson
1965Vincent J. Niemeyer1988Jeffrey J. McCullough2004Nicholas R. Antich
1966Ward M. Damon1989David P. Wainhouse2004George M. Bokhua
1966Paul D. Gibb1989Rick A. Freitas2006Gino A. Click
1966Walter P. Goddard1989Scott E. Conrad2007Paul L. Ankenman
1968John T. Glenn1989Richard R. Lawrence2008Wyatt L. O'Day
1968Richard E. Schroeder1989Anthony J. Luera2015Logan S. Brokaw
1968Lawrence C. Shank1990Ahren W. Spilker2015Garrett Bogar
1969Gregory J. Schubert1990Erich R. Walter2015Tyler C. Montana
1969Frederick C. Roberts1991Paul E. Murphy2016Brenden Chandler
1971Thomas P. Brower1991John E. Orrico2016Corey Neal
1971Ronald P. Crisman1991Sean G. Phillips2017Von A. Johnson
1972Stephen F. Lowney1991Joseph N. Underwood2017Von Johnson
1974David W. Westermann1991Andrew D. Lee2018Daniel Steichen
1974William A. Flett1991Sean S. Meek0000Thomas C. Weaver
1974Karl E. Lamon1992Scott W. Samuel0000Jess A. Carmichael
1974Jerry W. Mitchell1992Dean E. Selby0000Ryan Fitzpatrick
1975Stanley N. Velis1992Michael A. Kristof