Gamma Theta's New Member Education Program is meant to be a meaningful and fulfilling experience. It is something to look back upon and be proud. During the pledging process, you will develop a special bond with your pledge brothers; a bond that will last a lifetime. Through new member education, you will learn the rich history of Beta Theta Pi and the values and principles that turn great men into Betas. This program is unique in that leadership core values are taught as part of the regular curriculum. Each potential new member will have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop his skills as a leader. The pledging process is a special and exciting time. The New Member Education Program is designed to assist and allow you to reach your full potential now and in all of your future endeavors.

Gamma Theta Pledge Expectations

  • Pledges will maintain the highest levels of respect toward themselves, other members, and the chapter house at all times.
  • Pledges must finish the first semester of the pledge period with a minimum 2.90 GPA.
  • Pledges must accumulate a minimum of 10 hours of community service during the first semester of the pledge period.
  • Pledges must be enrolled at Washington State University as a full-time student.
  • Pledges must demonstrate principles of teamwork and leadership, which will be integrated into the new member education curriculum.
  • Each pledge will conduct himself in a manner becoming of a Beta.

We have policies against hazing of any kind, believing that such practices diminish the dignity of the individual. We work hard to create an atmosphere of respect within our chapter, honoring each member for his beliefs and values. If you have any questions about the Pledge Program, please click here to connect with us.