An Update on the Gamma Delta Building Association

By - wsubeta
03.29.2018 10:21 PM

Gamma Theta Calls for Alumni Support and Involvement

Beta Brothers,


GDBA is the legal non-profit entity that owns the physical structure, land and contents of the Gamma Theta Chapter House of Beta Theta Pi, chartered to manage and maintain the facility for current and future undergraduates. Nine Directors and a group of committed alumni have been very busy managing the needed repairs and improvements to our beloved house. Weekly conference calls are held discussing the status of ongoing projects and budget review. Chapter Counselor Jim Pappas ’85 updates Chapter operations and activities.


GDBA operates eight committees; a GDBA Director chairs each committee. Each committee is assigned the duty to recruit others to support the needs of their committee.


1. Facility Operations

2. Financial Operations

3. Legal Affairs

4. Chapter Relations

5. Alumni Relations

6. General Fraternity Resources

7. University Relations

8. Technology Administration


Please consider joining one of our committees. Your expertise is needed.


On Saturday, January 27, the GDBA board members, Chapter Advisory Team, and the 12 Executive Chapter Officers organized the first-ever Collaborative Tri-Board Meeting on campus to establish common goals and share differing perspectives. It was very successful, and we unanimously agreed these meetings must repeat each year. A sincere commitment was made by all to increase and improve communication between all three groups, and recommendations are already being implemented. The most important takeaway from our six-hour meeting was a mutual understanding of each group’s heartfelt commitment and setting a positive tone for the 2020 centennial celebration.


The next day, GDBA’s annual Member Meeting was held at the chapter; it included eight of the nine Directors and was open to the undergraduates. President Joseph Buchannan ’53 presented the operational structure of GDBA and openly answered questions. Following the Member Meeting, an All-House Meeting was held in the Chapter to introduce 17 new pledges and 83 members, discuss the purpose and outcome of Saturday’s Tri-Board Meeting, and provide details about the centennial celebration in 2020. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the weekend events and their successful outcome.


Yours in ___kai___,

Gamma Delta Building Association Board of Directors